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Lake Sonoma
Lake Sonoma offers a unique fishing opportunity with its Landlocked Steelhead Trout that naturally spawning in the lake on high water years. The fishing season starts about late March and extends all the way until December, peaking in May to July for deep water trolling. Steelhead up to 10 lbs. have been recorded by anglers throughout the Healdsburg region. Most locals practice catch and release for these natural spawning fish. We are their last defense against ourselves for protection, please practice C & R in this lake.
Lake Berryessa
Lake Berryessa has always been a Rainbow Trout lake, but the Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game began stocking the lake with Land-locked Kokanee & King Salmon several years ago and thrive in the lake and co-exist with all the other native species of fish. The Kokanee are the prize target in the lake for more than one reason... they are hard fighting power and excellent tablefare. The King Salmon are sprinkled all over the lake but they really like super deep cold water. The river channels, steep ledges, deep drop offs and the dam area is famous for being King magnets. Fishing could start as early as late March for the Kokanee and go until late September. During those times, it is possible to catch Rainbows and Kings while targeting Kokanee Salmon.
Lake Amador
The Cutt-bow strain Trout is a special breed of Rainbow Trout raised by the owners in their private hatcheries. They have a very aggressive stocking program and a large following of anglers who visit the lake on a regular basis. A great place to go if you want Trout in the 2 lb. class, but buyers beware, if you're not in the know, it could be an expensive place to go. Best from Nov. to late June.
Lake Pardee
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) owns the water in this lake so they control it, which is a good thing because it seems to always be a full pool. This is a great shore and trolling lake for trophy size Rainbow Trout. It also has a great population of Kokanee Salmon, which has flourished of late, and the size of the fish has much improved since they figured out that they spawn on their own too. This lake closes from Nov to Feb. DFG and Lake Pardee Recreation heavily stocks before the opening and it’s on from then until late summer for both species.
Lake Camanche
Trophy Rainbow Trout are stocked in this lake as well as regular DFG Rainbow Trout. This is also an EBMUD lake so the water level does fluctuate. This lake has good shore fishing from Dec. to April then the trollers take over and put more fish in the box than the shore guys. Good trolling starts March until late July right as the heat sets in and they go deep, but they still can be caught.
New Melones Reservoir
Located in the Motherlode area, this lake hosts Rainbow and Brown Trout as well as Kokanee Salmon. It is an excellent Kokanee lake and the most popular lake in the central valley. It seems to attract a lot of anglers because of the robust amount of Kokanee Salmon yielded every year. Trout season starts in Oct. here and runs until the weather begins to warm and the Kokanee season kicks into gear around May and lasts till late Sept. Prepare for hot weather in the summer and brutal cold weather in the winter other than that it’s a beautiful Lake. Beware of the wind that can come up on this lake... it can get rough.
Lake Don Pedro
Lake Don Pedro has Rainbow Trout, Landlocked King Salmon & Landlocked Kokanee Salmon and is considered one of the premier lakes in California. Lake Don Pedro is rich in resource allowing the fish to grow big. King Salmon have reached 12 lbs. or more and the Rainbow Trout can average 2 lbs.+ when you get into some holdovers. Like the other regional lakes, it is very hot in the summer and bitter cold in the winter, be prepared.

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